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Gorgeous Marble & Gold

Hi, I'm Taylor Hill, owner & creator of Raw Sugar Cupcake. Raw Sugar Cupcake provides custom cakes for all events specializing in wedding cakes, and dessert table treats. Let me share my story of how it all came together. 


I love the wonders and science of baking. As a little girl I was mesmerized every time a Hasbro's Easy Bake Oven commercial crossed the screen and bugged my parents to buy me the sweet-maker-upper every day. My wish was granted one fateful birthday afternoon. I think that's when I fell in love with baking. I would run out of mix for mini treats the day I got them!


My passion for baking started when watching Food Network cake challenges; wondering what that smooth stuff covering the cake was, how they got it on?  And what it tastes like? I found myself researching everything I saw. Picking up cupcake recipe books instead of my usual Seventeen magazine. After middle school I began interning with a small local bakery, my passion burned brighter. I received culinary training during high school with ProStart and continued my studies at Prince Georges Community College learning a lot on how ingredients work and the process of baking.


I find that the best part about baking is being able to create beautiful designs. I've always been a creative person, jumping at the chance to do an arts & craft project. Cake decorating is the outlet for my inner artist. I could come up with a million decorations for cupcakes and tiered cakes, inspiration is everywhere.

Ingredients inside a cake are just as important and should make as much as an impact as the decorations on the outside. Here at RSC only the best quality and fresh delicious ingredients are used. We take pride in serving scratch made silky smooth buttercreams, enticing fillings, and moist cakes. I've come up with some amazing fun flavor combinations as well as some rich classics I'm sure everyone will enjoy!

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Royal antique baby shower cake pops #Raw
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