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Does RSC have a store front? 
RSC is an online bakery, we do not operate from a store front.
Raw Sugar Cupcake operates under the Maryland Food Cottage Law (not subject to all Maryland's food safety regulations). We are current holders of the Maryland Food Handlers License in Prince George's County
Does RSC deliver? 
Yes, RSC delivers to the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Delivery charges may vary.
How can I get in touch? 
Leave us a message here online, email us at, or give us a call/text at 240-245-7366, we'll be waiting!
Does RSC accept credit cards?
Yes, RSC can process payments with any credit/debit card. 
Does RSC work in an allergen-free bakery? 
RSC works with and produces products containing allergy inducing ingredients such as eggs, nuts, milk, gluten, and soy. Although we are diligent in avoiding cross contamination, we would highly recommend our products to not be consumed by anyone with any severe allergies to the listed ingredients above.
Does RSC offer vegan or gluten free treats? 
Absolutely, we offer many vegan and gluten free goodies such as cakes, cupcakes, french macarons, brownies, and cookies.
Does RSC provide cake tastings?
Yes, we offer in person & virtual cake tastings. In order to schedule a cake tasting click here to learn more!
What serving size does RSC go by for cakes? 
When ordering cakes RSC goes by 1''x 2'' slice per serving, 4" -  4 1/2" tall tiers depending on design. Visit our Cake Serving page for more information.
How far in advance must I place a custom order? 
Your order should be placed as soon as possible, dates are limited. All orders are required to be placed at least 2 weeks in advanced, or you will be subject to a rush order fee.
What is a Rush Order fee?
A Rush Order fee is a charge for an order that is needed outside of our normally required 2 week time frame. This charge will be custom to the order placed. It will depend upon the quantity, time, and detailed work that will be put into your sweets.
How do I place a custom order? 
When placing a custom order with RSC, you can call, text, or email. It's best to place and confirm your order as far in advance as possible. We require all custom orders to be placed at least 2 weeks prior from the date needed, or a rush order fee will be placed. Once your order is placed, you must also confirm your order by submitting a 25-50% non-refundable retainer fee that will be deposited towards the full price of your order. Without paying the non-refundable retainer fee your order will not be confirmed, and will become cancelled.
How do I pay my non-refundable retainer fee to confirm my custom order?
RSC will send an invoice to the email provided, the minimum payment will be set as your non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be due the day your order is complete and placed. The remaining balance will be due a week from your orders due date. We recommend you make your non-refundable deposit the day you receive your invoice. NO DEPOSIT PAYMENT, NO ORDER.
How will I know if my custom order has been cancelled?
If the non-refundable retainer fee isn't received by 11:59 p.m. of the due date, stated on your orders invoice, you will receive an email for cancellation. If you would still like to place the order you will have to contact us directly and make a payment over the phone by calling, 240-245-7366. Rush Order fee may be applied.
Can I order a cake flavor for my custom cake order that is not listed on the menu? 
Of course! RSC would love to create your sweetest craving, within reason. Please feel free to contact us with the custom flavor request. 
How can I receive a refund if I'm not satisfied?
If you are not satisfied with your order from Raw Sugar Cupcake (RSC) please contact us IMMEDIATELY the day of delivery, by phone or text. We will try our best to accommodate you for the inconvenience. However due to the perishable nature of RSC sweets we are not able to process full refunds. If your discrepancy is approved, a refund will be processed to the account from which it was received, within 3-5 business days. Once orders are received it is the consumers duty to make sure of proper care. RSC will not be held responsible for any unfortunate mishaps, such as dropped cupcakes or cakes. Find more information on how to properly handle all RSC goodies here.
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