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  • Nilla Baby - Vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream 
  • Triple Choco - Moist chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream topped with milk chocolate piece
  • Express-O - Chocolate mocha cake with chocolate coffee buttercream topped with chocolate covered coffee bean
  • Lemonade - Moist lemon cake, sweet lemon buttercream with yellow sprinkles
  • Fiesta - Piña colada cake with coconut buttercream topped with coconut flakes and maraschino cherry
  • Verry Merry Unbirthday (V.M.U) - Vanilla sprinkles cake, strawberry buttercream, topped with confetti sprinkles
  • Suga’ Floss - Light pink vanilla cake with marshmallow buttercream, topped with cotton candy crunch topping
  • Candyland - Pink vanilla cake w/ bubble gum buttercream icing topped with gum ball and edible glitter


  • Sup’ Doc - moist carrot cake with creamy cream cheese buttercream topped with icing carrot
  • Buttercup - Chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache, creamy peanut butter buttercream, topped with mini peanut butter cup
  • So Salty - Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream topped with chocolate covered pretzel, drizzled with salted caramel, sprinkled with kosher salt
  • Strawberry Crunch - vanilla cake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream topped with strawberry short cake crumbs
  • Crème De La Cookie - vanilla cake baked with oreo cookie pieces topped with vanilla cookies and cream buttercream garnished with mini oreo and crumbs
  • Morinin' - Maple cake with vanilla maple buttercream topped with crispy maple bacon drizzled with 100% maple syrup


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